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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Goodbye and Farewell

Dear UHB Readers,

This is my final post.

I really don't know what to say except thank you. Thanks to everyone who reads this blog and everyone that has helped me during my four years. I can't believe how much this blog has grown, and how many people read and care about it.

There are so many people to thank. I have to start off with Mark McGuire of the Times Union, who gave me the idea of creating the blog. My junior year he came to a Concordiensis workshop to talk about sports writing. After his presentation I chased him down in the parking lot and asked him about the world of sports media. He said I had to get on the Internet and to create a blog. Right after we talked I went into my room and created this thing.

I also have to thank the legendary Ken Schott, who has been my buddy in the press box for my four years. He's taught me a lot about being a sports writer and I learned a lot about the profession through observing things that he does. I remember my first game in the press box with Ken. Union just scored a big goal and I jumped out of my seat and yelled "Yeah!" Ken gazed at me and basically said that's not allowed. It was the first of many lessons I learned from Ken. The same can be said of Sean Martin (Times Union), who was the friendly face in the press box this season.

This past season I've been lucky enough to have a great mentor in Jeff Weinstein, who is Union's Assistant Sports Information Director. Jeff has been so great to me since Day 1, and I 've learned so much from him. We've spent so much time together this season and each second has been extremely fun and valuable. Jeff has helped me with decisions on my future and for that I am so thankful, but more importantly he has been a great friend. Union's Athletics department has been tremendous as a whole. I honestly feel that Eric McDowell is the nicest guy in the sports media world. He truly does care about every student-athlete on this campus and Union College as a whole. Dave Heberger has also been a great guy to work with, and I wish him good luck on his next job. Also, AD Jim McLaughlin has been a great person to work with. Like Mr. McDowell, he really loves the students here and the school. I also have to thank Kevin Zalaznik who has been a great help to me at Union and with the Albany Devils. I have learned a lot about professionalism and work ethic from him.

I also have to thank the boys. Over these four years my relationship with them has grown tremendously where I can call many of them my friends. I remember my freshman year when Brock Matheson and Corey Milan lived in the same hallway with me in the Fox Basement. Since then, these guys have gone from the super-Canadian dude (Brock) and the crazy guy with the drumset (Corey) to friends of mine. The team as a whole has been so great as professionals and as friends. They know when it's time to have fun and when it's time to get down to business. It's been a pleasure working such a great group of guys, especially the seniors. I want to wish them all good luck in their futures and I hope we cross paths in the years to come. On the same note, I have to thank Coach Leaman, Coach Bennett, and the other coaches for treating me like a professional. I'm sure it might get annoying having some 20-something kid asking some tough questions about you and your team. Good luck to Coach Leaman and Coach Barr at Providence, and Coach Bennett with his new position. I really think Mr. McLaughlin made a great decision in promoting Coach Bennett.

Also, special thanks to team manager Phil Cohn '13 and superfan Will Friedman '10 (aka UnionHockeyManiac) for the support of this blog. These guys are down to talk Union Hockey all the time.

Last, but definitely not least, I have to thank my parents for their support. I can honestly say that if my Dad never took me to my first Army Hockey game when I was four years old that I would not be a college hockey superfan and this blog would not be here today. I also have to thank my Mom for allowing my Dad and I to keep our season tickets after I told her that I wanted to go to Army and play hockey. I guess she really didn't want me with a crew cut haha.

If I forgot anybody I am very sorry.

Even though I am graduating on Sunday, I am ecstatic to announce that UHB will live! Justin Zolot will be the new head honcho for the blog, and will receive help from Evan Slavit and Zach Pearce. You guys already know Justin, but let me briefly introduce Evan and Zach. Evan has replaced me as Sports Editor of the Concordiensis and has been co-Sports Director of WRUC 89.7FM with me. Zach is the new head of WRUC and is a writer for the Concordiensis. You might remember him from the great article he wrote about Dennis Flavin. I know for a fact that these guys will make this blog even better, and will bring it to a whole new level.

As for me, my future is still pretty undecided. I'm still waiting to hear back from a few jobs I applied to and the Georgetown Sports Industry Management school. But, I have a great summer internship lined up. I'll be working for PuckAgency, which is led by Union grads Jay Grossman and Adam Paget. I am very excited to work with these men and learn more about the business of sports. Who knows what will happen after the summer? Maybe I'll end up back in Schenectady.

Well, that's it. There really isn't much more to say. I really can't describe how important this blog and Union Hockey as a whole has meant to me during my time here. I love this school and I love this team. I will forever and always be a loyal supporter.

The show goes on...

Dan Greene

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