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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

[NGAKAK] Anjing Ini Terkenal Banget Gan, Ada dimana-mana

Riot: Happy Dog is pictured with the famous Vancouver kissing couple Scott Jones and Alex Thomas

All smiles: Happy Dog is grinning with Lethal Weapon and Point Break actor Gary Busey

Animal magic: Happy Dog appears in an image with a stuffed bear behind Sarah Palin on her sofa

Spaced out: Happy Dog grins from inside a spaceship in one of many virals doing the rounds online

Swing: The pooch is in front of 'dancing eyebrows kid' and golfer Rory Mcllroy

Crazy faces: This photo featuring Happy Dog is said to have been taken during the 'exorcism' of a woman

On your shoulder: Jon Stewart talks about ex-politician Anthony Weiner and Happy Dog gets in on the act

Toilet humour: Disgraced politician Larry Craig is ironically placed in a bathroom with Happy Dog

Palin again: Happy Dog has made a number of appearances with former Alaska governor Sarah Palin

Talking heads: TV host Sean Hannity and Republic politician Michele Bachmann are joined by Happy Dog

Big head: Happy Dog missed out on eating ice cream with Santorum in this shot


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