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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • sdudeja
    04-12 06:43 PM
    I am not sure if someone is in same situation.For my I140 it says the following

    Current Status: Document mailed to applicant.

    On April 1, 2009 we mailed the document to the address we have on file. You should receive the new document within 30 days. If you do not, or if you move before you get it, call customer service.

    I am not sure what does this mean. If some one can throw some light.

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  • AK01
    09-11 03:59 PM
    I wonder what is the difference between Data Review and In Process...

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  • H1bfighter
    07-09 04:14 AM
    Inorder to take the priority date with you, the I140 petition (after the labour approval) needs to be approved.

    I think there is no way you can take your priority date with you just with labour approval.

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  • maddipati1
    08-17 03:22 AM
    TSC is down and they are using a new system named "CHIMP" to enhance the operations.


    good one


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  • gawadejyoti
    03-30 11:01 PM
    I have a same problem..
    I have L1-B visa . my visa and i-94 are expiring on aug-09.

    did you get the solution ..if yes..could you email me on

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  • nogc_noproblem
    11-14 10:00 PM


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  • marty
    03-13 10:04 AM
    My priority date is in Oct 2005 (ROW) and yesterday was the 180th day after filing my I-485 application. I need some help in deciding if I should wait for the green card with my current employer or think of changing the job using AC21. Your suggestions will be really helpful.


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  • nvrao2104
    07-01 05:07 AM
    Hello All,

    Following is my situation:

    1) Recently got my L1 extension approval through company A which is valid through Aug, 2010.
    2) I also have a Consular-H1B petition papers from same company A which is valid till Aug,
    2011. But i don't have H1B visa stamp in my passport.

    *My question is:
    Is it possible to do H1B petition transfer from Company A to Company B without COS from L1 to H1?
    Should I first apply COS from L1->H1 through company A and then apply for H1B transfer from Company A to company B.
    (and I believe for COS to happen i need to be still employed with company A.)

    I am not planning to go India now but wanted to apply H1 transfer and work for the new company B in case of my layoff from present company A



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  • VGR
    07-31 03:18 PM
    Hello Guys,

    Do any of you received finger prints notice who has E-Filed EAD renewal between June 25th - June 30th.
    We filed on June 29th with Texas Service Center and it's been a month we are waiting for FP notice.

    I appreciate ur help.


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  • jediknight
    05-11 08:39 PM
    Jon Stewart, who knows a thing or two about irony, will create a two-hour special on a perfect target�the U.S. naturalization process�for History Channel, to air in the fourth quarter.

    The Naturalized, to be produced by Busboy, Stewart's company, follows eight individuals through the bureaucratic morass of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The special will also include interviews with undocumented and deported illegal immigrants.

    If we can contact busboy productions with our stories to make sure that atleast of one of the eight individuals is someone who is stuck in this EB backlog.

    Here is Jon's contact info at the daily show
    It would be great if someone can find the contact info for busboy productions too.

    Also, Please send email to the Daily Show and/or Colbert report to interview someone like Vivek Wadhwa to explain to their viewers the how this behavior hurts America.


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  • immi_2006
    09-20 11:06 AM
    desih1B appreciate your response

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  • CCC
    04-20 07:01 PM
    If appropiate can one of the administrators tell us how much of the funds collected thus far have been used (for whatever purposes). I am not asking where the money went :-), just basically how much is left in the Kitty now. If we are running low i am hoping we will see a spur of new donations..

    Before anybody asks; yes i have contributed to IV. $600 as of now. I plan to send in another $100 or $200 by end of the month.

    PS- Of course as i said above please disclose this info only if its deemed not sensitive.


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  • sreeanne
    10-30 06:35 PM

    I filed 485 in July 2007 and got the 485 receipt nos for myself and wife and my daughter. Both my wife and myself got EADs too. Though i applied EAD for my daughter [who is under 4 years at the time of application], i neither received EAD reciept nor the application back. I saw in some other threads that kids under 10years are not getting EADs. Is it true?

    I know some may ask why we need EADs for kids? My daughter 's I-94 is expired on Oct 10th 2007 and i applied EAD for her in july just in case though she cant work.

    Any ideas?

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  • INSpector
    07-24 09:58 PM
    I've been reading a lot regarding how many people is submitting their application this month, some how after see the possible figures I feel demoralized, looks like before July 2007 all of us were having an idea of our process, then the USCIS mess appeared and now I have no idea of when I will receive the GC or if some day I will receive it.

    The USCIS just gave us the sense of advancement but in reality they did not giveus anything, just look the facts, you will have EAD and PAD, but if your I140 or I485 fail then you will be ouf of status, so many people will decide to maintain their H1B status, so why did we apply?

    Can any one elaborate or give an estimate of when will we be receiving our GC (whe nI say we I'm thinking in all the people applying under the Visa Bulletin 2007 mess).



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  • handless
    04-18 06:00 PM
    heres another one for ya, there real basic but hey simplisity is good.

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  • aguy
    07-21 04:39 PM

    does anyone here know the mailing address that I can use with fedex to submit application to the uscis nebraska center? also, does uscis accept saturday delivery of packages?



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  • sam2006
    09-09 02:26 PM

    I had sent USCIS a color notarized copy from india and there was no issue:)

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  • buehler
    02-06 06:00 PM
    I filed my I-485 in July 07 at Nebraska service center and my wife had her finger printing done a month or so ago but I am yet to get the notice. Is there some number I can call and check. My Lawyer is very uncooperative in this case.

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  • veni001
    09-14 09:19 AM
    I have completed 3.5 years of my H1B and am looking at the possibility of applying for GC either under EB2/3.
    After my 12th, I did a 2 year Diploma in Business from Australia and then did a 2 year MA(History) in correspondence (open uni) from India and also a 1 year PGDCA by correspondence.
    I have more than 10 years of IT experience to go with my 12+2(fulltime)+3(correspondence)years of education.

    Please advice if I qualify for EB2 and if so will there be any issues ?
    Please advice if I qualify for EB3 and if so will there be any issues ?

    The challenging thing here for your attorney is to provide proof that you have ABET 4-yer bachelor or equivalent degree before filing i-140. Even EB3 is going to be challenging task. Remember H1B requirements are different from EB green card.:(

    05-22 11:51 AM
    Last time I have showed one copy. They have asked for the second one which I did not take with me.

    The POE officer said that USCIS normally sends two copies one for the applicant and one for POE to retain as a proof of entry.

    They also said it is ok if we don't take the second one with us.

    They just took a copy of the first one and kept it for their records.

    10-24 01:49 PM
    Democrats are usually pro illegal immigrants since they would be getting more votes by legalizing illegals. Republicans are more pro business and hece are usually more open to legal immigrants but even they seem to be taken over by anti-immigrant hard core conservatives these days.

    Of course nut jobs like Tom Tancredo (R- CO) will do more harm by projecting legal immigrants as American job exploiters along with racist organizations such as NumbersUSA.

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