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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Western Conference Playoffs Are Going To Be Insane

The numbers are there. 4 games separate the 2 seed from the 8. In the east I'm pretty sure there's like a 45 game separation. It's gonna be interesting to see what happens with the last couple games this week and how the bottom teams end up finishing. Oklahoma City could move up, leaving Portland and Rudy Fernandez the 8 seed to play the struggling Lakers(who they beat yesterday). The Spurs are a 7 seed as of today and I don't think anyone wants to play them. They got a guy named Tim Duncan. Ever heard of him? He's pretty good come playoff time. And I don't think the Dallas Mavs are that great. Yeah, they got Caron Butler and he's been a spark but he also went to jail as a teen and knocked up a broad before college so you question his judgment in crunch time. Phoenix and Utah would square off in the 4-5 pairing and that would be a fucking treat for basketball purists like myself. That's Deron Williams vs. Steve Nash. The new guard against the old. Just two nice boys. I'm drooling. I love the first day of the NCAA tourny but the first round of the NBA playoffs get me going like nothing else. It's not some cinderella, feel good shit going on. It's grown men going out for blood every night over a 7 game series. If the Thunder can move up to the 6 seed and draw Denver, we're gonna see Kevin The Durantula Durant come into his own on national television. 'Melo won't be able to hold him down. I don't like the Nuggets. Chauncey Billups is drastically overrated. He can hit a big shot when it matters. Cool. Robert Horry made a career out of that and he's not going to the hall of fame. I'm not going to make any big predictions here. You should know I think the Oklahoma City Thunder are making a statement this year and falling to the Celtics in 7 games in the finals.

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