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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Celtics forward Kevin Garnett appeared to injure his surgically repaired right knee while leaping for a first-quarter slam dunk Wednesday night against the Detroit Pistons. The Celtics officially dubbed it a "lower right leg injury" and Garnett underwent X-rays, which were negatives for fractures. Garnett will wait until Thursday to undergo an MRI back in Boston to check for ligament damage. Garnett's knee bent awkwardly as he planted to leap. He hung on the rim, his face displaying obvious pain, and Garnett limped up the court before committing an intentional foul at midcourt to stop the game. He bent to the ground in pain before hobbling to the bench where Celtics trainer Ed Lacerte examined his knee.

There goes the season. There goes any shot at banner #18. We can win without Perk and Shaq and maybe even Ray but KG is one guy we can't get it done without. Garnett hobbled off the court and you just knew. It's like that scene in Bambi where the father comes out of the woods and says, "son, your mother can't be with you anymore." Kevin Garnett cannot and will not be with us anymore. I'm gonna go drink a bottle of water and maybe cough up some blood

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