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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fleet Street and the Free Press

Fleet Street in London is no longer home to the British press, but the name can no more be separated from media than peanut butter can be separated from jelly. To read about the history of Fleet Street, you can visit Wikipedia here:  You can also read about the connections to Sweeney Todd, law and finance powerhouses, and find a link to the London Monopoly version. I found this charming picture here.

I confess, until the past week, I really had not been keeping up with the royals. I have even been to England this year, and I just missed this whole engagement. But to be fair, I have had a very sick child for the last six months. I immediately started thinking of a British/royal wedding tablescape, but I abandoned the idea and settled on Fleet Street when I heard that Kate Middleton has never really talked to the press about her relationship with William. Ever. Even when they broke up. And as much as tabloid news drives me crazy, I am so appreciative to have a free press, such that it is, I thought I would mention it here. 

Free press is something many people will never know, and even those of us that do have a free press often have to question the degree to which it is manipulated. Nonetheless, I am free to write this blog, and you are free to read it, as long as where you live allows it. Publishing freely is a precious gift indeed, and I didn't want the opportunity pass to recognize it - especially because I have THE perfect plates! And they are British, to boot!

I plan to serve fish and chips on these plates!

For tartar or cocktail sauce:

I have to admit though, I think these plates were such a steal at TJ Maxx because of the punctuation mistakes! I can't wait to get food on these to hide the lack of necessary apostrophes! In fact, there were dinner plates and bowls, but I couldn't bring myself to buy them with the mistakes!



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