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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day: A Tale of Two Silvers

For mother's day, I decided some time ago to use purple and green. I thought my mom's recent post on the subject was pretty fantastic! And it set the stage for this table I am sure she would love!

Quite some time ago, I had found some Radford's scalloped Violet dinnerware on eBay. And the cream soups and underplates were to DIE for!  

I also bought this lovely soup tureen this past winter, and I have been needing a good sterling soup ladle.  Well, I found the deal of the century on that because the seller didn't polish it enough to realize the darkest tarnish spots could be cleaned with enough dedication! The pattern is Imperial by Whiting, and the piece is a bouillon ladle.


And after:

The accompanying soup spoons needed some similar help. I was so excited when they arrived. They are actually bouillon spoons! Different seller. Different monogram. But a matching set! And the polish worked wonders! See the difference?

I mean, who wouldn't think this is just fabulous?

And I am soooo happy to be saving some vintage silver from being melted! (Read more about that here on a previous post.) So, here is the downside to the silver. I only have knives, soup spoons, and five o'clock spoons. (And the ladle!) I have no forks - and at around $100 a piece, I will be getting those one at a time. Fortunately, though, the shell motif blends with my Sir Christopher. OK, granted it's inverted. And one pattern is monogrammed and one is not, but I think the mixing of vintage silver works here. I guess it will have to for now. :) 

What do you think? 

And can I just say, I think cream and bouillon soup bowls and underplates are just about the prettiest pieces of china in the world. They are just super hard to store efficiently! Like platters! I have the worst time storing platters and trays. And cream soups! 

Oh well, I guess I will just have to live with it! :)

While the soup tureen is awfully pretty, I actually prefer the floral centerpiece with the flowers in complimentary colors.


I added vintage sterling and purple crystal goblets...


...and a bread and butter plate and paddle.

And the cups and saucers are so uniquely shaped!

I think for a meal like this, sugar cubes would be an elegant touch.

 I hope you like this as much as my mom will!


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