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Thursday, May 5, 2011

"M" Is For the Million Things She Gave Me...

Writing a Mother’s Day blog is a little difficult this year, since I recently wrote one about my mother’s 100th birthday. I started thinking about the old song that starts with the line, “M is for the million things she gave me” and realized that Mother’s Day would give me another opportunity to think about all of the things that my mother contributed to my existence. Obviously, she gave me life! Along with that, she and my father provided me with the basics, which allowed me to grow into a healthy adult.
My mother, also, gave me material things. After I married, she continued to buy clothes for me, which was greatly appreciated. However, the purchases that she made the most often were pairs of shoes. I wear an unusual shoe size and she was always trying to find shoes to fit me. When I married, she and I found a beautiful pair of faux ostrich grain leather shoes for my going-away outfit, which were very expensive. When my mother asked my father about buying them, he told her to go ahead, because, “that pair of shoes will be the last pair we ever buy for her”. Little did he know!! My mother continued to buy shoes for me for years and years. That story became a family joke and my mother and I had many laughs about it. Eventually, we let my sweet father in on the joke, as well.

My mother and I shared a love of flowers and birds, so my table on Mother’s Day will feature china with a bird motif, “Songbird”, by H & C Heinrich. I love the way the little bird stares out at the diner.

The ruffled placemats are from Steinmart and the gold chargers were an online purchase several years ago. The white Lenox plates were bought at Dillard’s.

The flatware belonged to my grandmother – my mother’s mother.

The centerpiece holding the flowers was a gift from my husband’s niece. Thanks, Leann – I have always loved this piece of cut glass!

A love of books, a love of the arts, a stubborn streak – these are some of the million things that my mother gave me. I hope on Mother's Day, you will be thinking about the things your mother gave you.
To all of the mothers – I wish you all a happy day and thanks for everything you do to make the world a better place!

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