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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Una fiesta para el Cinco de Mayo! (Menus at bottom of the page)

Many people think that Cinco de Mayo represents an independence day of some sort. Actually, it remembers the Battle of Puebla, where the Mexican forces conquered French ones. It is important to note that Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in the U.S. to a much greater degree than elsewhere. Be that as it may, it is a good excuse for some chili, taco salad, or enchiladas! Visit this site for a short history:

I found some great hispanic-themed dinnerware at TJ Maxx several months ago.  It's Yellow Talavera by Maxcera. Talavera refers to a specific pottery style: While I do not really think that this pottery looks like genuine Talaveraware, I love the fact that real Talavera only comes from Puebla!

I have paired the tableware with my new favorite stainless. The motif matches perfectly!

Green carnival goblets are a nice change from the stereotypical blue-rimmed glassware.

And I love the square plates!

As I often do on the porch when running out of room, I use plant stands to hold bowls, pitchers, etc.

Wish you could drop by for our fiesta! Have a great week!


Brunch Menu:

First course: Fresh fruit

Second course: Cheese Grits Casserole (click here for recipe)

Third course: Breakfast Quesadilla Wraps

This is another one of my thrown-together recipes. I typically will scramble some eggs, fry some bacon, sauté some mushrooms, peppers, and/or onions, find some cheese, etc. I wrap a quesadilla around whatever filling I have made from the aforementioned list. I butter the griddle and place a quesadilla fold-size down until toasted. I flip and heat the other side. Voilà!

Dinner Menu:

First course: Tortilla Soup (click here for a good crock pot recipe)

Second course: Taco Salad

I just put things together that I have on had. I really like to have enchilada flavored chicken for this. The easiest way to make this is take some pre-cooked cut up chicken from the refrigerated section of the story, and heat it in olive oil with a proportionate helping of taco seasoning. I top lettuce mix with the chicken, cheese, broken up tortilla chips, sometimes refried beans, salsa, sour cream, and/or homemade guacamole.

My homemade guacamole is pretty simple, too:

2-3 soft, black avocados

one third to one half of a white onion

several sprigs of cilantro

salt to taste

I put everything in the food processor. Ta-da!

Third course: Steak Tampiqueña (click here for the recipe)

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